Would Your Business Be a Target for Hackers? Let’s Find Out – A Look at a Hacking Attempt from a Hacker’s Point of View!

HackerWhy would an average, run of the mill computer hacker want to attack your business or website? A hacker would want to wreak havoc on your business or company website for a wide range of reasons, such as stealing viral company secrets or simply having some fun.

Think Like a Hacker: Reviewing a Hacking Attempt from a Hacker’s Point of View

We’re sitting around on a Friday night, having a few drinks, and playing “truth or dare” online with your business. My friends and I have figured out your company’s IP address and start pecking away at known vulnerabilities or attacking your unpatched corporate firewall.

In fact, there are so many targets because your IT support company:

  • Doesn’t patch your security solutions.
  • Doesn’t manage your network properly.

As a result, we’re in – we mean no harm and we leave no trace. After all, it’s a simple “truth or dare” game with our friends, you will never even know you’ve been hacked. But next time, we start to get serious. We create a phishing email disguised as one of the big national banks. And we send out thousands of these fake phishing emails to businesses across the country.

When one person clicks on one of our links, which installs our keylogger or Trojan, we’re able to sit back and collect the logins and passwords to your banking sites, email services, and whatever else is available. It’s so simple. There’s always one person out there who will click on one of our links.

Next, we get a little more daring. We want to access your credit cards and banking information. And it’s simple – we have your web banking information from our phishing email, and we can easily access your bank online.

See How Simple It Is for Hackers to Steal Your Corporate Banking Information? Don’t Take Risks – {Company} Helps You Protect Your Business from All Types of Hacking Attacks!

If you don’t think your business is a target, it’s time to reconsider! Some hackers choose targets based on specific criteria, however, some hackers choose targets at random. But there’s no need to take risks!

Pulse Business Solutions specializes in protecting businesses from any hacking or virus attacks. Our network security professionals will ensure your network’s security and virus updates are performed, your firewalls are monitored, and your online services are protected. To learn more, or to book a network security review, give us a call at (239) 676-6679 or send us an email at info@pulsebizsolutions.com

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