VoIP: The Best Choice For Your Business Communications

VOIP Communication

VoIP is a better and more cost-effective communication option for your small business in Southwest Florida.

Why? — VoIP, Voice-over-IP (Internet-Protocol), is proven to lower overall communication expenses, while providing service that remains up and running no matter the disaster or circumstance. It keeps you connected to your customers and clients, improving your relationships, and keeping the revenue pouring in during a disaster like a hurricane, tropical storm or power outage when your competitors are shut down without phone access. VoIP phone systems offer features that aren’t supported by traditional phones. Plus VoIP can potentially save you thousands on long-distance and international calls.

Pulse’s VoIP experts will analyze your current phone usage, explore options and offer a VoIP business phone system plan to replace or enhance your existing system. We’ll route your calls to and from your existing telephony system, so making and receiving phone calls is seamless and transparent to your customers.  You can even keep your current phone number.

Pulse Business Solutions’ Voice-over-IP packages offer:

  • Low-cost hardware, support and upgrades.
  • Unlimited calling around the globe.
  • New features that aren’t available with traditional phone systems.
  • Installation, maintenance, and support.
  • Migration from your current business phone system to VoIP.

Using VoIP is less expensive than using traditional systems because your monthly rate remains the same regardless of how many calls you make or how much distance is between you and the person you call. And with Pulse’s packages, you don’t have to make a big initial investment in hardware.

VoIP allows you to access your phone system anywhere there’s an Internet connection, even in foreign countries. It’s a smart option for budget-minded businesses — especially those that have a mobile workforce.

Since Voice-over-IP can easily be used with wireless connections, your employees can access your phone system while at home in Southwest Florida or on the road. And VoIP systems offer flexibility, allowing you to adjust and expand your services as your business grows.

Contact Pulse Business Solutions to learn how you can save money and increase your business efficiencies using VoIP. Call (239) 676-6679 or email us at: info@pulsebizsolutions.com

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