Improve The Way You Communicate and Your Business Connections With Vu Telepresence & Video Conferencing.

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Now your small business in Southwest Florida can take advantage of the same video conferencing capabilities that your larger competitors have.  Our Vu Telepresence offers video conferencing with face-to-face communication in HD so you can communicate with anybody, anywhere at anytime. Our high-quality audio and video improves your communications with prospects, customers, vendors, and partners, enhancing your connections and relationships.

The Benefits of Vu Telepresence Include:

  1. Less time and money spent on travel: You’ll get the benefits of face-to-face interactions without the expense and effort of driving, flying and staying in hotels to visit business contacts.
  2. More effective communications: By combining HD video conferencing and high-quality sound in real-time, your presentations will be more professional and more impactful.
  3. The flexibility to speak with contacts on their time schedule: Use telepresence to remain in touch with partners around the world, during their office hours, right from your home or office.

With Vu Telepresence you can give presentations and showcase new products to people around the globe; hold real-time conferences with business partners; present webinars and live video events online; and reach existing and potential customers through a high-quality, impressive method.

Through Pulse Business Solution Vu Telepresence is:

  • Offered as monthly service with a predictable fixed fee.
  • Affordable, with multi-site use availability and no investment in hardware or maintenance.
  • Easy to operate, with many special features.

Vu Telepresence will transform the way your business communicates, improving your interactions with clients, business associates, vendors, and distributors in Southwest Florida and around the world.

Contact us now to see how Vu Telepresence can improve your business communications with HD video conferencing. Call (239) 676-6679 or email us at:

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Clients Feedback

We initially called Pulse in to work on a problem that three other so called “experts” were not able to resolve. Within a couple of hours they had located and resolved the issue. James was able to explain what the cause of the problem was in non-geeky language that I could understand. We’ve been working with Pulse ever since then and just love the fast response times and personal service.

Their Knowledge is Remarkable
-Linda Jenkins, Controller
Beaumont Electric
Naples, FL
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