Tropical Storm Erika Has Her Sites Zero’ed In On South Florida

Your Business Is In The Path Of Tropical Storm Erika.  Take The Necessary Precautions In Florida

Tropical Storm Erika

Weather advisories being issued for South Florida this coming weekend, Pulse Business Solutions wants to ensure that all of our clients are taking the proper precautions to keep their data and technology safe. Data loss and downtime can cripple a business; in the event that inclement weather from Tropical Storm Erika hits, there are several precautionary steps your business should take.

Governor Rick Scott Has Raised The Alarm – State Of Emergency Issued For South Florida

The warning has been issued, it’s a good idea to power down your servers to avoid any potential data loss or damage. If you require support, please feel free to reach out to us.


Desktops, laptops, and other devices should all be shut down before you leave for the weekend, regardless of the current level of the storm. They also should be unplugged. While hardware issues can be dealt with, power surges often do major damage that will set your business back.

Pulse Business Solutions is constantly monitoring its clients backup and is making sure that they are running and successful.

Pulse Business Solutions urges you to reach out to us with any questions or concerns – our team is always eager to help. If you decide to shut down over the weekend, reach out to our after hours support line.

Get in touch with us at or (239) 676-6679 to further discuss the best precautions to safeguard your data and technology.

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