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For Gated Communities, Homeowner’s Associations, and Country Clubs Looking to Boost Revenue & Customer Service While Making Guests Feel Safe, Secure and Welcome!

In the residential sector, from gated communities to country clubs, it’s fundamental to ensure residents and guests always feel safe, secure, and of course, welcome. As you’re probably aware, a high level of customer service is often desired and expected.

Pulse Residential Solutions specializes in providing IT services, support, and computer repair in Naples, FL, for residential organizations, including gated communities and country clubs, to improve members’ safety, enjoyment, experience, and peace of mind. To learn more, give us a call at (239) 676-6679 or send us an email at

In the evolving world of risk and uncertainty, many residents believe gated communities and country clubs are safe havens; however, there will always be significant safety risks – and what’s the best way to mitigate those risks and make your residents and guests stay safe? That’s simple! Keep your information systems secure by implementing managed technology solutions along with the right IP video surveillance solutions.

So how does our team of IT experts keep your organization’s information systems safe, secure, and operating at peak performance? Here are a few ways that Pulse Residential Solutions & Ft. Myers Computer Repair can assist:

  • We offer data storage and backup solutionsto help you securely store, access, and safeguard relevant information, including a log of visitors, license plate information, and guest payment data.
  • We help you select and implement an IP video surveillance solution to monitor activity and reduce the risks of crime, such as theft or break-ins, while ensuring you’re able to keep your eye on the premises.
  • We offer network design and installation to help you implement asecure and reliable network for guests and visitors while mitigating the risks of malware/virus infection or downtime.
  • We provide and implement VoIP business phone systems to keep you in constant contact with colleagues, guests, and visitors& significantly reduce phone costs, whether you’re in the office or on the go.
  • We address your questions, concerns, and issues via web, phone, or email to help you work productivelywhile eliminating disruption and downtime to ensure guest and visitor satisfaction.

Your organization can embrace technology to improve guest and visitor enjoyment & experience, as well as ultimately improve profitability. To learn more, give us a call at (239) 676-6679 or send us an email at Pulse Business Solutions is the choice for IT services & solutions and computer repair for gated communities and country clubs in Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and across Lee County, Collier County, and all of Southwest Florida.

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After switching to Pulse, we were pleased to know that our IT service bills were consistent and fixed fee each month. This part was huge because finally we could plan and budget for our IT service expenses. We also appreciated the fact that Pulse would dispatch experienced technicians based on the issue at hand resulting in faster resolution of problems that arose. One of the most valuable parts of working with Pulse is that I know there will be a quick and appropriate resolution to any issue that we experience. This process gives me peace of mind because like most small businesses, we need quick and efficient responses to any and every system issue we may face. Pulse’s consistency and dependability in service is unparalleled to providers we’ve had in the past.

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