4 Important Questions To Ask When Selecting a Network Services Company

It can be tough to tell if network services companies are being upfront with you when they present their offers. It’s important to understand what your needs are when selecting a new network services company, and asking the right questions will ensure that you get all the answers.

Being sure that the company running your IT is knowledgeable, qualified, and dedicated to giving you the best support possible is imperative in guaranteeing that your business runs smoothly.


  • What Can You Tell Us About Your Staff and Qualifications?


Don’t just listen to all the fancy services your new network services company has to offer – find out they have the knowledge and manpower to back them up. Understanding the experience and certifications held by the company providing your IT support means having peace of mind and knowing you’re in good hands. A qualified network services company should be ready to discuss their certifications and how they’ll relate to your business’s needs.


  • What is Your Guaranteed Response Time in Case of an Issue?


Being prepared for anything is a major part of your network services company’s job. You should be able to expect that they offer a guaranteed response time in the case of an issue with your network, so you’re not left with useless hardware and wondering how to get work done. It’s important that you have a number of ways to get in contact with the company just as they should have a number of ways to reach you.


  • What Services Are You Offering and What Isn’t Covered?


It’s likely that a perspective network services company will talk to you first about cloud services, but you should also inquire about security solutions, strategic IT planning, and virtualization. Knowing what isn’t included in your support contract will help you determine if the network services company you’re considering is really right for you – if many important services are being left out, you may be looking in the wrong place.


  • Can You Catch Issues Before They Lead to Downtime?


Perhaps one of the most important questions, make sure your network services company is dedicated to catching system issues before they’re able to become major problems. A good network services company should offer 24/7 monitoring and regular maintenance to catch network issues before they do harm resulting in downtime, wasted payroll dollars, and unhappy clients.

If you’re looking for a network services company that’s upfront and willing to answer all of your questions, contact Pulse Business Solutions today at info@pulsebizsolutions.com or by phone at (239) 676-6679.

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