Is Your Naples IT Company Talking to You About Mobile Device Management?


A recent boom in the implementation of BYOD (bring your own device) policies in the workplace has come along with a number of benefits and possible risks. Often times, when employees are given the ability to bring their personal computer devices into work and use them for company business, the result is employee satisfaction, increased productivity, and overall cost effectiveness for the company. On the other end, it can be incredibly hard to protect company data when it’s accessible from so many personal devices.

What Are The Risks?

Companies are not always able to scan an employee’s device after they’ve quit or been terminated. Even when you attempt to reset his passwords and disable accounts or access to data, just one missed detail could lead to disaster. The key to keeping your company running at its peak ability is to secure data and keep any loss or breach to an absolute minimum. What should your company be aware of when it comes to mobile device management?

  • There’s no definitive way to get into an employee’s personal device used for work and undo what’s been done, whether it be accessing or downloading information
  • If your employees have been using services such as Dropbox, it’s virtually impossible to completely erase what’s been seen or shared

How Does Pulse’s Mobile Device Management Help?

  • Securing data at the source, at rest, and in transit between mobile devices and internal systems.
  • Deploying tools to keep devices safe, including encryption and remote wipe capability, and enforcing the use of strong passwords.
  • Creating a written policy on the use of mobile devices – and proper storage/access best practices of sensitive company data.

For more on how to successfully implement BYOD in your office and reduce the eventual risks of breaches or data loss contact Pulse Business Solutions at or speak to us directly by phone at (239) 676-6679.

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Clients Feedback

We initially called Pulse in to work on a problem that three other so called “experts” were not able to resolve. Within a couple of hours they had located and resolved the issue. James was able to explain what the cause of the problem was in non-geeky language that I could understand. We’ve been working with Pulse ever since then and just love the fast response times and personal service.

Their Knowledge is Remarkable
-Linda Jenkins, Controller
Beaumont Electric
Naples, FL
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