You Could Save Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars on Technology This Tax Year, But Only if You Act Now

The U.S. Senate has passed a major enhancement to Section 179 of the IRS tax code as of Tuesday, December 16!

Wait, don’t fall asleep! Sure, we’re talking about the tax code and Congress, but this is GOOD NEWS for businesses in Florida. What’s the catch? YOU HAVE TO ACT NOW!

Section 179 NewsYou can read more about the benefits of the Section 179 tax deductions here, but essentially this allows businesses like yours to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment or software that was either purchased or financed during the tax year. Not a partial price or the amount of tax you’d pay, but the entire full purchase price. That’s quite a chunk you can deduct from your gross income, and it doesn’t matter whether you paid in cash or you financed the sale.

Moreover, the total amount that a business can write off for 2014 has been increased from $25,000 to a whopping $500,000! That’s retroactive back to the beginning of this year, January 1, 2014.

BUT (and of course, there’s always a but): this enhancement will expire on December 31, 2014. It has only been approved for this year, so you only have the next two weeks to act.

Luckily, Section 179 has been designed to be easy to use. So long as you’ve bought or financed any eligible equipment between Jan 1st and Dec 31st, 2014, you just have to fill out a form from the IRS to claim the amount. You can read more about the process here.

Here’s an example of how this tax deduction works:

  • Your business reports a 2014 profit of $100,000.
  • If your business is in, say, a 30% tax bracket, you owe $35,000 in taxes.
  • If you purchase or finance $100,000 worth of eligible Section 179 equipment during the tax year, you can write off the full amount of $100,000.
  • Thus, you pay nothing in taxes, essentially saving $35,000.

As with all tax matters, make sure you contact your tax professional to ensure your business can benefit from this tax deduction. Most businesses can, but you should make sure you know for certain now so you can begin preparing to take advantage of it before the deadline of December 31.

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