Starbucks: Bringing Motivation to YOUR Employees, One Coffee Delivered at a Time!

Starbucks coffeeStarbucks has announced that it will be bringing major motivation to your employees, one coffee at a time! With the expansion of the business, it will be bringing great quality and amazing tasting sandwiches and coffees right to your doorstep.

Why you can’t wait

Did you know that 35% of workers find themselves to be more productive with coffee? It is amazing to hear what a cup of joe can do for your workers, every day. Not only will you be getting a happy worker, but a productive one at that. Also, when working in a team environment, it helps them relax and get more work done – raising motivation and performance. What does this mean? Your employees will want to work harder because coffee helps them do just that.

Its science

Authority Nutrition suggests that coffee increases energy levels, helps people feel less tired and makes them happy. Coffee releases more dopamine and increases blood flow to the brain and can improve the many brain functions while fighting depression. Still not convinced? Reports also show that coffee can:

  • Lower risk of several health diseases
  • Gives you essential nutrients
  • Lower risk of some cancers
  • May lower the risk of stroke

Why Starbucks

Showing your employees you care is one thing, but showing them you care about others is another. Starbucks is a part of Fair-trade Labeling Organizations, which is a group of organizations dedicated to establishing Fair-trade standards with suppliers. They are also involved with preserving the environment and helping global economic growth. Why wouldn’t you want to be associated with this company?

What can you do?

Get on board with Starbucks and don’t wait! Soon, in 2015, Starbucks will be increasing their app capabilities and allow you to have coffee delivered to your doorstep. No more sending out the rookie or employees saying they are tired. Increase company moral and treat them to something they love, that will profit you.

Why wait when the app is a download away? 

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