SEO Trend Predictions for 2015: Helping You Stay One Step Ahead of the Ever-Changing Algorithms!

SEO Trends 2015What worked for SEO practices just a couple years ago may not work next year in 2015. Keyword stuffing was once effective, and then search algorithms were changed to prevent this exploitation and it got snuffed. Private link networks are now being decimated by “thin content” penalties. Let’s go over the latest trends in SEO practices so you can stay one step ahead of the ever-changing algorithms:

Social Media:

Don’t ignore social media. Even if you feel that the likes of Facebook and Twitter are rotting the brains of our youth and transforming them into meal-photographing, self-obsessed zombies, to be a truly successful business professional you’re going to have to ignore your opinions and acknowledge that social media will do a lot for your business, including giving it a significant boost in search rankings.

Going Mobile:

The days of the desktop are dead. Plenty of people still see desktop computers and laptops, of course, but by 2015 it is predicted that there will be more mobile Internet users than there are Internet users tethered to bulky regular computers. Already: 1 in 5 people in the world own a smartphone and 1 in 14 own a tablet. If you don’t offer a version of your website that is better suited to be read on mobile devices, then you’re cutting out a large population of potential visitors.

Quality Content:

Every year Google gets more and more efficient at weeding out websites that cheat by using black hat SEO methods. There will always be new easy tricks people will use for SEO, and Google will always be working to get rid of them like a never-ending game of whack-a-mole. Keep Google happy by giving them what they want: high-quality content. If you can’t write it yourself, find a talented contractor on one of the many freelancer sites out there.

Back-linking is Still All-Important:

Despite all of these changes, the most important aspect regarding your website’s search engine optimization remains the same: nothing is more important than quality backlinks. The first thing Google looks at are quality backlinks, and the best way to do this is, as we mentioned above, involves publishing high-quality content, which other sites will actually want to link to. The most effective SEO strategies make attracting backlinks a top priority.

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