A Busy CEO at Niagara Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Claims Pulse Business Solutions is “Very Capable and Efficient!”

Computer Support in Fort MyersNiagara Pharmaceuticals Inc., located in Flamborough, ON, provides health and safety products for businesses throughout all industries. When Steven Leistner, CEO at Niagara Pharmaceuticals Inc., was having trouble with his Surface Pro 2 tablet, his MSP contacted Pulse Business Solutions to resolve the issue in person. 

When Steven was using a Surface Pro 2 tablet, the latest OS update caused issues with the wireless connection, which led the tablet to crash. His MSP, located in St. Catharines, ON, was able to remotely connect to the tablet, however, the remote connection was unstable and unreliable. After several attempts to maintain a remote connection, his MSP reached out to Pulse Business Solutions.

The Situation & the Resolution

While the tablet wasn’t functioning, Steven was unable to access important documents for onsite client meetings. In addition, he was unable to access his email and video conferencing software. Once the company’s MSP contacted Pulse Business Solutions, a technician called Steven to walk him through the complete steps to perform a system restore.

After finding a restore point created prior to the OS update install, the restore was performed to power the tablet back on. This allowed Steven to connect to the Internet and continue day-to-day operations. Steven offered some insight into the benefits of working with Pulse Business Solutions: “The service was efficient, timely, and extremely competent! I would recommend them to anyone with confidence that they’re very capable and efficient.”

Tired of dealing with mobile device issues? Pulse Business Solutions offers IT Support for all of your technology problems! To learn more, give us a call at (239) 676-6679 or send us an email at info@pulsebizsolutions.com.  

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Clients Feedback

After switching to Pulse, we were pleased to know that our IT service bills were consistent and fixed fee each month. This part was huge because finally we could plan and budget for our IT service expenses. We also appreciated the fact that Pulse would dispatch experienced technicians based on the issue at hand resulting in faster resolution of problems that arose. One of the most valuable parts of working with Pulse is that I know there will be a quick and appropriate resolution to any issue that we experience. This process gives me peace of mind because like most small businesses, we need quick and efficient responses to any and every system issue we may face. Pulse’s consistency and dependability in service is unparalleled to providers we’ve had in the past.

Consistent and Dependable
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