LESSONS LEARNED: Ensure your productivity is “hot” when the temperatures are freezing.

Battery BackupDoors to businesses are locked shut, and the “Open” sign is turned to “Closed” due to the dangerous cold sweeping the U.S.  These businesses are losing thousands of dollars each day that they remain closed, and some are losing customers to the competition and will never get them back again.

If they have only planned ahead by taking advantage of three simple things they wouldn’t be in this situation:

  • Cloud Services  
  • A Battery Backup Service (UPS-Uninterruptable Power Supply)  
  • Backup Power from Generators

Take a lesson from these business failures and ensure your business remains open in times of disaster.  If you plan ahead by setting up cloud services, battery backups, and a standby generator, it would be “business as usual” when disasters occur. 

Ensure you have the following set up prior to the next winter storm:



By taking advantage of cloud services your business data and software can be:

  • Accessed from anywhere at anytime, and
  • Recovered in the event of a data loss or hardware failure.


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services via the cloud ensure you can make phone calls even when phone lines are down due to ice and/or wind. You can make and receive phone calls to your customers and colleagues, just as you would with your regular phone service.

Email Continuity

Email Continuity in the Cloud functions when your email fails.  It provides uninterrupted access to email in the event of a mail server outage, can be activated in minutes, and is migrated seamlessly so your customers won’t notice any changes. It can also be synchronized with your contacts, email lists and calendars.


An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) provides a backup power source to your computers, monitors, servers or any other device. Using a UPS also protects your devices from power surges or drops in power that can damage them.


A standby generator can provide backup power to your entire business when the electricity goes out.  Even a few hours without power can cost your business thousands of dollars in lost revenue.  With a backup generator you can keep your business open and gain a competitive advantage when others are shut down.

Contact Pulse Business Solutions for more information and to learn how with Cloud Services, VoIP, a UPS, and a Generator you can stay up and running during the next winter storm.  For more information call (239) 676-6679 or email us at: info@pulsebizsolutions.com

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