Heartbleed Warning: Prepare To Encounter Phishing Emails In The Wake Of Heartbleed!

You heard about Heartbleed continuously in Fort Myers and area news for the past two weeks.  But many remain confused about the actually impact to local business or what your employees need to do now to protect themselves.  How does it impact me?  How about my business? Now get the information your business needs to stay safe and ensure your confidential business information stays completely safe.

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Here are some basic tips to protect you and your business:

  • Be on the look out for phishing emails: Most organizations will never send a password change request through email.
  • Never click on a CHANGE PASSWORD link: If you receive an email with a change password link, ignore it and go to the site directly.
  • CALL US AT ONCE: If you are not sure, before you do anything, call our support team.

Pulse Business Solutions provides IT services throughout Fort Myers and surrounding area.  Call (239) 676-6679 or email us at info@pulsebizsolutions.com to learn more on how we can help protect your business and provide the best possible IT services to your growing business.

A dangerous security flaw, known as Heartbleed, was discovered in OpenSSL Web servers. The security flaw enables cybercriminals to steal sensitive data from vulnerable versions of OpenSSL, which is used to secure communications on the majority of websites, including popular social media and banking websites. This means cybercriminals can steal your personal information from all affected websites. If you’re on a website with a little lock by the URL, chances are, it’s vulnerable to the security flaw.

Heartbleed has been around for over two years, so it’s safe to assume your passwords may have been compromised. While many sources suggest to change your online passwords in the wake of Heartbleed, you should wait until the websites are secure to change your passwords. Even if there’s no indication that your passwords have been compromised, it’s imperative to change your passwords as soon as the websites are secure.

Cybercriminals will send phishing emails to take advantage of your concern over Heartbleed. These emails will likely offer links to change your passwords, however, these links will direct you to a malicious website designed to steal your login credentials. If you’re changing your passwords, please go directly to the website to do so. Never change your password in response to an email.

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Clients Feedback

Pulse has provided us with the most reliable, knowledgeable and prompt service that we have ever experienced in the computer industry. They guided us through the creation of our network and the changes we’ve made since then. They maintain the network and the hardware for all of our locations in the US and Canada. We recommend Pulse with pleasure and absolute confidence.

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-Peter Radno, President
GoldCoast Salads
Naples, FL
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