Pulse Business Solutions Helps GoldCoast Salads Increase Efficiencies and Competitiveness Through More Effective IT Solutions.

GoldCoast Salads

GoldCoast Salads (GCS) Gourmet Foods is a leading producer of gourmet seafood spreads in the United States. Located in the shadows of the Whitelake Park in beautiful Naples, FL, GoldCoast Salads was founded in 2001 with the vision of providing high quality-gourmet seafood spreads that could be enjoyed at home. GoldCoast Salads works with various retail grocery chains and warehouse clubs to offer their products all across the country.

The IT Challenge

In late 2008 GoldCoast Salads was a growing company with outdated technology that hadn’t been updated since 2004. Pulse Business Solutions was contacted to perform a thorough network and security assessment. In 2009, their complete technology infrastructure was refreshed by Pulse Business Solutions:

“Upon arriving at GoldCoast Salads, The staff of Pulse literally learned what it meant to take a step back in time,” recalls James Ritter, president and CEO of Pulse.


As a result of Pulse’s assistance, in 2010, GoldCoast Salads was growing beyond the walls of their then current 10,000 square foot facility, and the owners of Goldcoast Salads decided it was time for expansion. So, in late 2011— early 2012, GoldCoast Salads broke ground on a new state-of-the art facility totaling almost 75,000 square feet. Again, Pulse as their trusted IT advisor and Managed IT service provider was there to guide GoldCoast Salads for a “ground-up” technology build out that provided a total solution.

The Result

Pulse provided a straightforward and honest approach to GoldCoast’s needs to plan and implement a total solution with:

  • Zero Down Time
  • Ongoing Managed IT Services
  • A Flat monthly fee and predictable budge
  • A Stable Network
  • Worry-Free IT 

The Solutions Employed

Pulse provided and implemented the following:

A 42 U Rack Enclosure with LCD Console Kit

  • 1 UPS 2U Rack Mount 1000VA APC with Remote Access
  • 3 UPS Rack Mount 750VA APC with Remote Access
  • 6 HP ProCurve PoE Switches
  • 1 Dell PowerEdge R420, Microsoft SBS 2011 Premium
  • 3 Dell PowerEdge R420’s, Microsoft Server 2008 R2-File, Exchange and one as BDR
  • Appliance powered with StorageCraft ShadowProtect and Cloud Backup
  • Meraki Security Appliance, with Cloud Management
  • Meraki Wireless Access Points, with Cloud Management


  • 23 Dell OptiPlex 7010, Win 7Pro, Dual Monitor


  • iPad

Enterprise Resource Planning and Inventory Software/Hardware:

  • Fishbowl ERP Software for Manufacturing, Warehouse and Inventory
  • 6 Janam XM66W Handheld Scanners

Digital Signage

  • 4 Samsung Professional Display units running digital signage box software

Video Conferencing Equipment

  • 4 Vu Telepresence Video Conferencing Equipment and Servers

Cabling (6.3 Miles)

  • Honeywell Siamese CCTV cable – 20,000 feet
  • Honeywell CAT6 communications cable – 16,000 feet

46 Digital Watchdog CCTV Cameras

  • B1362650TIR Long Range IR Bullet Cam – 10
  • V4363TIR Vandal Proof IR Dome Cam – 8
  • V4363D Vandal Proof Dome Cam – 25
  • V4363DH Vandal Proof Heated Dome Cam – 3
  • Altronix 16-channel power supplies – 3

DVR (Digital Video Recording)

  • Digital Watchdog 16 channel VMAX DVR with 1 TB storage capacity – 3

Telephone System

  • ESI Communications Server 100
  • 4 Port, 70 Hour voice mail
  • 23 Channel PRI interface
  • ESI 40IP Speaker phones – 16
  • RFID Door Phone – 1   *** RFID door phone allows access control through phone or by use of key fobs/key cards
  • 4 Polycom SoundStations

Access Controls

  • HES 9400 Surface mount electric door strike to control visitor access in shipping/receiving area
  • Connected and calibrated door openers and microwave motion sensors for 6 high speed doors including eye beam safety sensors.

Other Communications

  • Installed a radio repeater and long-range antenna for handheld radio system.

For more information about Pulse Business Solutions call (239) 676-6679 or email info@pulsebizsolutions.com.

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