Compete On a Higher Level Through Haas and Benefit From Up-To-Date Computer Hardware Solutions.

Computer HardwareFor most small- and medium-sized businesses in Southwest Florida, affording and managing computer hardware can be overwhelming. In addition to the money, time and effort involved, they must pay for ongoing upgrades as technology evolves.

At Pulse Business Solutions, we have a better solution for you. HaaS (Hardware as a Service) provides the latest hardware without having to purchase it.

Our Haas provides:

  • The most popular, up-to-date software applications and operating systems.
  • Pre-established monthly fees with no hassles or surprises.
  • Guaranteed performance, plus tech support that’s available 24/7.
  • The ability to scale and grow as your needs change.
  • Improved workplace productivity through superior hardware.

Computer hardware is critical in today’s world, but most small businesses can’t rationalize the cost of constantly upgrading and performing ongoing maintenance on their computer systems. For this reason, small to large organizations are at a serious disadvantage compared to bigger, better-funded competing businesses. But with Pulse Business Solutions’ HaaS, your organization can keep your computer hardware up to date so you can compete at a new level. Plus With HaaS you can focus your resources on expanding your business. Your staff will be more productive and will benefit from up-to-date hardware solutions.

Call Pulse Business Solutions to discuss how our Computer Hardware Services can solve your computer hardware needs. Call (239) 676-6679 or email us at:


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I sleep easier at night knowing the Pulse team is in my corner, supporting my business, and keeping my systems in tip top shape. Thank you Pulse!

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-James Chouinard
James A. Chouinard CPA, LLC
Fort Myers, FL
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