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New Disaster Relief Bill to Assist Small Businesses in the Wake of a Disaster

It’s difficult to forget the havoc that Hurricane Katrina wreaked on the residents of New Orleans in August of 2005. With more than 1200 people killed, over 108 billion dollar’s worth of property damage, and far below adequate emergency relief, it is a tragedy that the world will not soon forget. Rise After Disaster Act […]

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Pros and Cons of Having a Server Hosted Off-Site

Every business owner is forced to make the decision regarding hosting their servers on or off site. The decision is an important one, and careful consideration of your unique needs should be taken before making such a decision. There are many hosting options available, so deciding how to best proceed can be overwhelming. Take a […]

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Cybercriminals are Using a Dangerous New Form of Ransomware to Hijack Your Files

Cybercriminals have always been smart, fast, and incredibly adaptive. Just as you’re constantly looking for new ways to improve workflow and productivity with technology while keeping data safe, they’re always looking for new ways to do harm and compromise your business. What’s New? We’ve all heard of ransomware – it’s a form of malware that […]

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Business Continuity Planning: Is It Time for You to Plan for the Inevitable?

Most business owners are aware that downtime is inevitable as interruptions can take on many forms – from virus infections to power outages to floods to human errors. Would you be prepared to lose access to your data and applications tomorrow? How long would you be able to continue operating in a profitable manner? Traditional […]

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Sneaky Ways Your Credit Card Is Skimmed

Spot the Sneaky Tools Used to Skim Your Account Number/Pins at ATMs Row of Credit Cards Credit card skimmers are one of the most successful tools nowadays in cybercrime, with thieves attaching them to pay portals that are used by many, on a regular basis, such as at gas pumps, ATM machines, and cashier terminals, […]

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