How to Boost PR Productivity via Cutting-Edge Technology and The Cloud

Are you hooked on the idea of boosting PR, marketing and advertising agency productivity?
In this new economy, if you cannot collaborate, you’re done. Gone is the super-competitive mentality of the 1990s. As we adapt to changing markets, clients and employees, PR agencies are finding that they need to evolve from competitive to collaborative cultures. But to do that, we need to think critically about the IT that we use and how to migrate our companies toward more collaborative technologies—such as the cloud.
As communicators, “being social” is no longer just another prerequisite for getting along in our jobs. Rather, we are currently experiencing a fundamental shift in how we interact with the world, and essentially, in how we get the information that we need in a global marketplace.
The goal of the Lunch and Learn is to allow attendees to walk out of the presentation knowing enough to at least recognize their own business challenges and begin a dialogue with their IT department / IT Service Provider about how to solve those issues with Cloud Computing.
  • We will explore the most common business challenges in a PR agency today: remote communications, collaboration and aging, vulnerable servers .
  • Next, I will briefly demo corresponding IT solutions that are, in fact, transforming the workplace and saving businesses money: unified communications, collaborative platforms and cloud computing.

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