About Pulse: Innovative Technology Combined With Solid Business Solutions

Pulse Business Solutions is a leading provider of technology services for businesses in Southwest Florida and beyond. Our roots are in IT support but we offer other business services including Data Protection, Website Design, Managed Print Services, Online Marketing and Communication Services. Pulse Business Solutions has been recognized as a leader in our field, and honored as one of the top companies in our industry by MSP Mentor, the leading industry publication.

Our Clients

Pulse serves small-to medium-sized businesses in in Fort Myers, Alva, Bonita Springs, Naples and other areas across Southwest Florida.  Our primary market is in the Ft. Myers area, but we designed our services to be scalable nationwide, and we now have clients all over the U.S., as well as in Canada and Europe. Our clients depend on us to help them use up-to-date technologies to manage, protect and grow their businesses.  We measure our success on their positive results and by consistently earning their business year after year.

Our Services

Our services include proactive network management as well as reactive troubleshooting and problem solving. We can support your network on a flat-fee basis, or we can combine our flat-fee approach with onsite hourly services. By leveraging our team, and using carefully selected tools and well-defined processes, Pulse maximizes efficiency and delivers services with nearly 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Approach

Pulse applies a unique approach when supporting your technology needs. We help you increase profitability and reduce operating expenses by delivering complete technology support on either a fixed price schedule or as an on-demand solution. Powered by a service team that’s available 24/7, Pulse partners closely with your business to derive stability, predictability and strategic value from your technology investments.

We offer this value through our:

Reliable and Available Expertise: Pulse is fully staffed by IT specialists, business experts and customer service professionals whose goal is to maximize your IT assets and provide the best service possible.

Strategic Account Management: We work with you to assess and recommend the best use of technology for your organization today and tomorrow.

Comprehensive Approach: We manage all aspects of your business environment from user support to servers and third- party vendors such as Internet Service Providers.

Proactive and Responsive Service:  We use advanced network management tools to monitor your network and ensure problems are caught before they escalate into major issues. At the same time, we respond quickly when an issue needs to be addressed.

Professional Project Services:  Pulse’s Professional Services Team can help you evaluate, plan, and implement new technology for your business, then easily and seamlessly transfer support of these new technologies to our Managed Services Team for ongoing maintenance and support.

Predictable Budget: We offer an outsourced solution at a flat monthly rate, or with on-site hourly services. This allows you to budget your IT expenses over time, and requires us to prove our value to you month after month.

A Brief History

Pulse was founded in 2006 in Fort Myers, Florida with the goal of making technology more accessible, affordable, and useful for small- to medium-sized companies. James Ritter, our co-founder, had previously founded two companies and realized the challenges these businesses faced in obtaining sound technology advice and services, particularly when using an hourly consulting model.

These challenges sparked the development of a new service model — Unified Ubiquitous Management Solutions or commonly known as Managed Services, of which Pulse continues to be an industry pioneer and the industry benchmark for information technology service delivery. Our services were founded upon principles that were generally lacking in this industry:

  • Alignment with the needs of clients
  • Acting as trusted advisors
  • Optional flat-fee services
  • Professionalism
  • Availability
  • Proactive service
  • Vendor neutrality

For more information about what Pulse Business Solutions can do for you, call (855) Pulse-Biz or sign up for a complimentary consultation at: http://www.pulsebizsolutions.com

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I sleep easier at night knowing the Pulse team is in my corner, supporting my business, and keeping my systems in tip top shape. Thank you Pulse!

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-James Chouinard
James A. Chouinard CPA, LLC
Fort Myers, FL
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